CGI, 3D Modelling & VR Environments

CGI Visuals

From concept design and planning right through to marketing, we work with architects and the clients project team to ensure that every CGI project can evolve over time providing a maximum return for the cost of the time invested. Our team have great expertise in interpreting what is required for one-off domestic projects right up to producing images of some of the largest most iconic buildings in the country.

3D Animation

A walkthrough animation enhances a person’s understanding of a scheme, exterior and interior animations provide a virtual tour of a development before construction has begun, explaining what is being proposed in a controlled presentation. We also produce QuickTime Virtual Reality files which allow the viewers to take control of the viewing directions within any setting.

Virtual Reality

Virtual models rendered at high quality which can be viewed with the use of a VR headset; this technology immerses the user in a 360 degree environment in which they can experience your proposed design.


We have many years experience of commercial photography and re-touching in our studio. Combined with CGI modelling this method can be a very cost effective solution for creating new images of developments e.g. replacing shopfronts, removing unwanted features, repairing buildings and adding landscaping. 

Visual Impact Assessment

We create photomontages which accurately portray the scale and finishes of a proposed new build and how it sits within its surrounding environment illustrating any visual impact a development may or may not have.

Render Farm Service

Through our sister company we have the ability to organize the rendering of GGI still and animation files produced by architects from most of the industry standard software’s,  for further information please go to

3d Printing and model preparation

We produce scaled models via 3D printing, we also optimise third-party 3D models for the printing process. We have access to the latest 3D colour printing and scanning technologies this allows for a rapid turnaround for the production of physical models.

3d Scanning & Point Cloud Conversion

We convert and optimise point cloud data sets generated by laser scanners into vector models for use with your CAD design software.

BIM Modelling

If your practice is not BIM enabled our modeling team can turn your designs into Building Information Models complying to whatever standards and level of details are required on a project.

Shopfront Images

We create large high resolution CGI images which give the illusion of being realistic storefronts, this has endless possibilities when used on scaffolding meshes, hoardings and on windows, minimising the impact of development works or giving vacant retail spaces the look of fully fitted operational units.

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